Computational Embodied Neuroscience Simulator  1.1
3D simulation library
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oNcensComputational Embodied Neuroscience Simulator library
|oCCENSEngineInitializing and manipulating physics objects
||\CCENSBodyCameraDataParameters for the body-camera link
|oCCENSGraphicsA C++ wrapper for OpenGL
||oCCENSCameraParameters of a camera
||\CCENSLightLight settings of the scene
|oCCENSGraphicsShapeGraphic processing of an object
|oCCENSPhysicsAn interface to the bullet physics library
|oCCENSHingeConstraintA custom HingeConstraint Class
|oCCENSSliderConstraintA custom SliderConstraint Class
|oCCENSPixelMapUse a byte vector as a matrix
\CCENSParameterManagerManager of parameters' initializarion